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Internet and e-Commerce Law

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Florida Internet Lawyers and eCommerce Attorneys

As more and more individuals and business do their buying, selling, and socializing online, the laws regarding the Internet, privacy and e-commerce have become more voluminous, sophisticated and confusing. For almost 15 years, Mr. Jose Luis Rey has been representing and advising clients in the areas of Internet law, Internet privacy, and e-commerce.

We represent Internet portals, social media sites and online retailers with most aspects of their operations including corporate governance, employee issues, game promotions, licensing, intellectual property, and the drafting and review of contracts with partners and vendors. Our clients come to us with questions regarding state, federal and international laws or seeking assistance with a particular transaction.

Internet and eCommerce Law - Many Traps for the Unwary

We help clients seeking protection and advice regarding numerous Internet-related legal issues, such as:

  • Internet Copyright and Database Protection
  • Rights to Internet Domain Names
  • UCITA, UETA and Federal Legislation
  • Website Cross-Promotion and Co-Branding
  • Internet Consumer Protection
  • Internet Advertising
  • Online Gambling
  • Taxation of Electronic Commerce
  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
  • Managing Third-Party Liability Risks
  • Website Owner and Vendor Liability for User Content and Misconduct
  • Internet Trademark, Service Mark and Trade Name Protection
  • Internet Privacy and Publicity Rights
  • Licensing Music, Video, Software and Other Content
  • Click-Through Agreements and Other Unilateral Contracts
  • Data Privacy and Security
  • Spamming, Email Marketing, and Unsolicited Commercial Email
  • Online Financial Transactions and Payment Mechanisms
  • State and Local Regulation of the Internet
  • Internet Jurisdiction and Choice of Law
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA)

Drafting Internet and eCommerce Agreements

In addition, we are particularly adept in assisting clients negotiate and draft Internet and e-commerce related agreements and other documents such as:

  • E-commerce Sales and Fulfillment Agreements
  • Website Development and Hosting Agreements
  • Click-Through and Other Unilateral Contracts
  • Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies
  • Content Licensing Agreements
  • Co-Branding and Linking Agreements
  • Software Development and Licensing Agreements
  • ISP Service Agreements

Represented Work

  • In-House Counsel to the U.S. and Latin American operations of the world’s third largest Internet company and subsidiary of the Telefonica Group of Spain:  Negotiated and drafted contracts in the areas of content and software licensing, marketing, event production and sponsorship, music licensing, Internet hosting, online advertising sales and e-commerce. Ensured compliance with state, federal and international consumer protection and privacy laws. Updated and monitored client’s legal notices including the terms and conditions for the use of their web services (e.g., chat, email, instant messenger, shopping) and rules of play for online sweepstakes and contests. Resolved claims on behalf of the company involving advertising, telecommunications, web services, construction and intellectual property issues. Advised the company’s purchasing department on landlord-tenant issues and vendor relations. Assisted the human resources department in developing company policies on sexual harassment, discrimination and employee privacy. Coordinated the activities between the company’s legal departments in Boston, Madrid and numerous Latin American countries in the areas of global licensing, international promotions and cross-border transactions.
  • On-Line Retailer: Advised and assisted an online sports retailer with it’s website including the drafting of terms of use, terms of sale, and a privacy policy. Also drafted an independent contractor agreement between the company and an outside sales consultant.
  • Social Media Start-Up: Advised and assisted an online social media star-up company with it’s website, including the drafting of terms of use and a privacy policy. Also drafted a series of employment and independent contractor agreements between the company and its employees, programmers, sales reps and vendors.

Get a Handle on Costs and Leave it to the Professionals

Most agreements and other documents can be prepared for a flat-fee. If you need timely and cost-effective legal advice or protection with respect to your online business, or a specific transaction, please call us at 305-372-8755 to schedule a free consultation.